Bootstrap features

This page will contain a display of various features from Bootstrap. They require some manual HTML tags. Note that not all Markdown parsers allow Markdown markup inside all HTML tags. In the case of ikiwiki, adding markdown="1" to div elements usually allows markup to be used inside them. For a full list of features provided by Bootstrap 4, go to

## Jumbotron It's big and in your face. --- You can still use Markdown syntax inside HTML blocks, if you are careful. Button

Labels Hi!

Span elements work inside Markdown headings.

## Cards Put a border with soft round corners around your content.

Card decks

These require some more work. You can use the [[!img ]] directive, but make sure to add class="card-img-top" or class="card-img-bottom" where appropriate. For images in cards to work properly, they need to have their width forced to 100% of their container. This is done in the style.css file that comes with ikistrap.

Another issue is that due to all the nested HTML tags, even with markdown="1", Markdown markup does not get parsed anymore.

[[!img Error: Image::Magick is not installed]]

A lemon shark and his little friends are out for a swim.


[[!img Error: Image::Magick is not installed]]

Anemones look really nice and are much less dangerous than lemon sharks.


[[!img Error: Image::Magick is not installed]]

Sea stars are also less dangerous than lemon sharks, but they are slightly more dangerous than anemones, especially when stepped on.


Card columns

These can be created by writing the outer card-columns div elements yourself, and using [[!inline ]] with template="simplecard" to generate the cards.

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These can be created by writing the outer two carousel div elements yourself, and using [[!inline ]] with template="carouselpage" to generate the carousel items.

If you only want to show images, use template="carouselimage", and select your images directly with the pages parameter.

Progress bars

Ikistrap also provides a progress directive which works in the same way as the progress plugin, but it also allows an extra class to be specified to change the style per bar.




Other stuff

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